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    The University Bookstore offers textbook buyback services year-round to serve the needs of our students. Optimal pricing will be found at the end of each term as we begin the process of building inventory of needed texts for the upcoming academic session. Our goal is simple. We want to purchase as many textbooks from our students as possible. Our valuation policy too is simple. If the textbook is in resalable condition and we need it, we'll pay you 50% of it's retail value. If the text is not needed for the next term, we'll pay you the total of the wholesale market value for the title. As an added bonus for our loyal customers we'll pay you an extra 15% of the total value if you accept the proceeds on a gift card rather than cash. That computes to a possible cost to you of only 35% of retail and it's another way we strive to keep the net cost of textbooks low. For more specific information on conditions that may affect a books value, we provide the list below:

    • The instructor has adopted a different textbook or newer edition than the one presented;
    • The Bookstore already has an adequate quantity to meet projected sales and/or enrollment;
    • The text offered is not in a resalable condition because of damage, missing pages, excessive wear or highlighting;
    • All supplemental components are not present at the time the book is offered for buyback
    • The textbook is an international or instructors copy.

    Note that buyback of textbooks operates on a first-come, first-served basis. When needed quantities are acquired, values change.